PyHacks tutorials – the resource for learning Python is growing

I had an aim at the start of this year to make learning Python accessible to everyone, for free. Unfortunately, I had some health problems to contend with alongside work, so I did not have the extracurricular time to tend to my pet project.

However, I have been busy over the last few evenings and have managed to build a good repository of material, still being added to as we speak.

What does the repository contain?

The code examples and snippets for the repository are below. All I ask is you star my GitHub account and have fun learning.

Python Basics, Programming and OOP

The list below shows all the current files for getting up to speed with Python quickly:

Pandas – DataFrames and Series

Data Visualisation – Matplotlib

Are there supporting YouTube videos? You bet!

I have managed to record quite a few tutorials, but this is the most time consuming part of the process. See a list of the ones I have available on YouTube at present:

  • Lists
  • Tuples – this shows you how to index, work with, add to (why would you need to) and loop through tuples.
  • Dictionaries – one of the most utilised Python data structures and this knowledge will stand you in good stead for understanding how Pandas data frames work.
  • Sets – this teaches you what you need to know about sets, the final Python data structure.
  • Conditional Logic – learn how to construct IF..ELIF..ELSE statements in Python.
  • Looping and Iteration – Looping and iteration – understand more about looping.
  • Function Creation – create functions, learn about Lambda functions, learn how to capture multiple arguments (args) and learn how to work with keyword arguments (kwargs).
  • Classes:
    • Creating Transformers game with Classes and Class Methods – shows how to create your first class and then create a game with class methods – a method is something that performs an actions, examples would be printing to the console, writing a file to disk, creating a folder, inflicting damage in battle, etc.

I am particularly proud of the classes game:

This is a work in progress

Please note this is a work in progress and the best way to stay up to date with the new additions is to a) subscribe to my YouTube channel; b) keep abreast of the updates on the website and c) star and watch the associated repository:

Call for ideas

If there is anything you are dying to see in the repository, and I have not included it, then please let me know by carrier pigeon:

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Signing off and remember:

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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