NHSDataDictionaRy is back on CRAN

The NHSDataDictionaRy package is now back on CRAN, and I am pleased as punch. This update contains the OpenSafely scraper to get data from the website for lookups developed by Ben Goldacre’s team.

Why did it disappear?

The package disappeared due to me taking it down for major script and function updates. This has now been done and it is back, and accessible, to the masses.

How do I use the package?

The package can be used by referencing the official vignette, or alternatively you can watch the tutorial I did for the NHS-R Community on how to use the package and what it is all about:

Moreover, use the supporting GitHub and guidance to install and guide you through how to use the package.

Updates planned

The package has planned updates, these will include:

  • A wrapper to make it easier to interrogate the data elements components of the NHS Data Dictionary master site;
  • Named list conversion of the TableR function – kindly provided by Calum Polwart on StackOverflow and now a package contributor.

These two functions will massively increased the usability and are planned for the package update 1.2.4, however under the CRAN submission rules – I have to wait to resubmit.

Package proposals

Work for Healthcare? Social Care? Public Sector? Then please apply for funding to develop your own R package. The process is really fun. Additionally, we at the NHS-R Community are happy to mentor or guide you through the process of creating your own packages and getting them successfully on to CRAN. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then please see https://nhsrcommunity.com/nhs-r-solutions/.

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