NHS-R Community: Up the R-evolution

It seems like two seconds ago since I was frantically preparing slides for the first NHS community. Wow – what an experience and kudos to the team @NHS-R Community for arranging it.

The full content of the event has been posted: https://nhsrcommunity.com/nhs-r-conference-9-october-2018/.

What a fantastic event this was and I met many of my fellow colleagues / R mavericks there. I enjoyed seeing everyone speak, and with such enthusiasm and passion, for this tool that is starting to get traction within the confines of the NHS.

It was great to see so many positive R-advocates and fellow enthusiasts.

My talk was a project I was involved in for the Health Foundation, relating to using Machine Learning to predict admittance into ED (using Logistic Regression) , and how this was iterated and validated in R. For the full talk, watch below:

The supporting materials to this talk can be found here: https://nhsrcommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Using-R-to-predict-admission-into-ED-NHS-R-Event-Gary-Hutson.pdf.

These were as part of the lightening talks workshop, and with 20+ slides and only 15 minutes to talk, mine felt too lightening.

Other great talks:

Garry Fothergill – NHS Improvement

Showing how to use Time Series Forecasting for planning in the NHS

Lots more from the lightening sessions were available at: https://nhsrcommunity.com/learn-r/workshops/workshop-1/.


I am very grateful to access content to these workshops, as I was not able to attend due to presenting in the morning and afternoon – but what fantastic content.

GGPLOT2 and applications in Healthcare

My friend John Mackintosh (aka HighlandR) did a double act with Neil Pettinger (aka Kurtosis) around this.

SPC in R

Jacob Anhoj did a session on how to use the QIcharts2 package in R to create XMR and other types of SPC. The content can be found here: https://nhsrcommunity.com/learn-r/workshops/workshop-2/.

Plenary sessions

Many great speakers at the plenary workshops for all over the R community can be found here: https://nhsrcommunity.com/learn-r/workshops/plenary-sessions/.

My favourite two plenary sessions, out of a list of great and informing topics, were:

Andrew Hill:

And, Matt Aldridge from Mango Solutions:

All in all – what a great event. See you next year NHS-R Community.

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