Health Data Science Platform has landed – watch the webinar

The Health Data Science Platform has been an endeavour of love. But what is it?

Watch our technical team discuss how and why you should be switching to the DSP in your healthcare organisation

Introducing the DSP

The webinar explains why use the DSP, how to use the DSP and what the DSP does.

Under the hood

The DSP uses curated machine learning (superivsed and unsupervised) machine learning algorithms alongside other algorithms, such as epidemiology curve estimations and forecasting tools. These have all be tested with customer and combined in to one easy to use web interface using Node and React Javascript.

The Machine Learning algorithms use an ensembling approach, such as stacking, bagging and blending to get the best modelling tools for the specific healthcare problem.

Does this sound interesting

If this sounds like the kind of thing your service should be using then get in touch with the team outlined in the webinar.

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