Getting on the meet-up bandwagon – our first meet up event

My company Draper and Dash have tasked me with organising a wider meet-up event for anyone who is interested in AI / ML in healthcare. This wider working group consists of people from different sectors, however they are interested in how we can apply AI / ML methods in their organisations.

Why did we choose meet-up

Meet-up seems like a great way to engage like minded people from across different communities.

What is our first event

Our first event is detailed below:

Using Supervised ML Methods to augment intelligent dashboards in Healthcare

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019, 7:00 PM

One Canada Square
London, GB

13 Members Attending

This session will focus on how we use ML to augment our BI dashboards. The agenda will be updated shortly.

Check out this Meetup →

This will focus on how we use supervised ML methods in our BI solutions and this adds to our BI stack.

Join now

So, this community is gathering members – we have over 90 now. If you are interested, and are based in the London, UK area, then please follow our events – as we plan to have a whole lot more in the future – with guest speakers as well.

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