Advanced Modelling in R with CARET – a focus on supervised machine learning

Yesterday (17th June) I did a session with the NHS-R Community relating to how to use the brilliant CARET package to build, evaluate, train and improve machine learning models.

This was an entry level webinar to highlight the possibilities of how supervised machine learning could be used in the NHS to inform and augment decisions. For access to the webinar, check out the video:

Advanced Modelling in R with CARET – focus on supervised machine learning

Where to find the content

The materials for the session can be downloaded from the NHS-R git repository, as well as accessing other great courses from:

Reflections on the session

The session was really great, albeit I ran over time answering questions, which is true to form.

I love the NHS-R community how it is driving and embracing change in the NHS by transitioning traditional data analysts into programmers of all varieties, each with their own area of interest and passion.

Keep up the good work guys and I would look to help out again.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning Training

I run Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science training, for my company, in relation to a number of packages, namely H2O.AI, Keras / Tensorflow, MxNet and CARET. These are mainly aimed at R users, but I am also creating the Python equivalents. Please enquire at if you would like to attend.

A prospectous of the training can be found here. This was undertaken with the HTN:

We are adding more courses to our offering every day and I would be happy to tailor a course to your needs.