A call to arms…

I would like to share a story with you. My schoolfriend Richard Chappell is seriously ill in Thailand and needs your help.

Richard is a private person, who enjoy travelling and the fact that is asking for charity in his hour of need is literally and figuratively causing him pain and anguish.

I have known Richard ever since we were young. It is horrible to see such a young and talented person going through such hardship and destitution.

Richard has had to leave his teaching job in Thailand that he loves and now is facing hefty medical bills. Our group have secured him safe passage home, but he is not well enough to fly presently.

Please, please, please… Can you spare something to help this lovely guy out?

Where to donate

There is a Fundraiser set up by Rob Burdis that aims to give Richard a hand. Please can you help???

Please give all you can, as every additional penny makes a difference.

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