1 Loading the package

To load the package, you can use the below command:

4 Opening a URL from R into a web browser

To navigate to the specific URL you can use the utils::browseURL command:

#This opens the 18th result of the URL

5 Working with the NHS R Data Dictionary lookup

This package provides functionality for working with the nhs_data_elements extracted from the NHS Data Dictionary website. The two main useful function to extract elements are the tableR function and the xPathTextR function. These can work with the tibble returned to extract useful lookups.

5.1 tableR function (utilising scrapeR function)

The scrapeR function is the workhorse, but the tableR wraps the results of the function in a nice tibble output. This will show you how to utilise the return tibble and to pass the function through the tableR to scrape a tibble to be utilised for lookups:

# Filter by a specific lookup required
reduced_tibble <- 
  dplyr::filter(nhs_tibble, link_name == "ACTIVITY TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE")

#Use the tableR function to query the NHS Data Dictionary website and return the associate tibble

national_codes <- NHSDataDictionaRy::tableR(url=reduced_tibble$full_url,
                          xpath = reduced_tibble$xpath_nat_code,